NYC-based Reiki Master and ARCB-Certified Reflexologist Betsy J. Brody, Director of Earth Connection NYC, is now available for private by-appointment treatment sessions in the comfort of your own home, office or hotel accommodations.
Ms. Brody, a Greenwich Village native and graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, had lived a typically fast lane urban lifestyle before seeking out a more relaxed and spiritually fulfilling career. After the chaos of 9/11, she decided to devote her life to helping others and studied Reflexology at the renowned Open Center in NYC. Then she was privately attuned in Reiki by the Reiki Master and self-empowerment author Stephanie Gunning. Upon completion of her studies, she became a professional ARCB-certified Reflexologist and Reiki Master and then launched her private practice. 
She has done sessions for such notable clients as Fran Drescher (of "The Nanny" fame) who has been exclusively treated by Ms. Brody for six years in NYC, media branding guru Lori Levine van Arsdale (Flying Television) and her staff, and celeb fashion photographer Roxanne Lowitt, all of whom she drew raves from and in many instances a single session produced considerable healing results, and all performed totally stress-free in the client's own environment.




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